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Prague shopping guide for travellers.

Written by Petr Svoboda

Travel Guide to Prague shopping.

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Welcome to a site that should give you a basic overview of your possibilities of shopping in Prague. Of course shopping is not your main objective while visiting Prague (and if it is, you should probably reconsider; there are many better destinations, like Berlin or Paris) - but even though you came primarily for sightseeing or clubbing, why not get something to remember the stay by?
We have prepared a few examples of shopping possibilities for you and we sincerely hope you will find this site useful.

Prague shopping malls

There are several large shopping malls in Prague; the typical layout is a hypermarket with food on the ground floor, with several (sometimes as much as hundreds) other shops selling clothes, sports equipment, electronics... Of course there are also fastfood restaurants, cafes, sometimes multiplex cinemas, gyms or solaria; Simply put, the malls are engineered to keep you inside for as long as possible, to make you spend as much as possible. :o)

The malls in central Prague:
Marks & Spencer department store - right in the Wenceslas Square, underground station Mustek
Bila Labut - tram stop of the same name, near underground station Florenc Bila Labut department store, Prague
Kotva - tram stop Dlouha trida, near underground station Namesti Republiky Kotva department store, Prague
Slovansky Dum- just down the street "Na Prikope" from Wenceslas Square, near underground station "Mustek" Slovansky Dum shopping mall, Prague
Cerna Ruze (The Black Rose) - just down the street "Na Prikope" from Wenceslas Square, near underground station "Mustek" Cerna Ruze shopping mall, Prague
Myslbek shopping mall - just down the street "Na Prikope" from Wenceslas Square, near underground station "Mustek" Myslbek shopping mall, Prague
Palac Flora - underground station Flora
Novy Smichov - tram and bus stops, underground station, all caled Andel

Younger shopping centres are usually located outside the centre of Prague, sometimes truly on the outskirts of the city:

(the list is not complete, these are just the best-known shopping centres and malls)

Prague souvenir shops

If you are looking for souvenir shops, you will find them in the city's historical centre - mostly around the Old Town Square, Wenceslas Square and the Castle (and especially on the way from the Old Town square to the Charles Bridge); many of those shops can also be found in the picturesque alleys of the Lesser Quarter.

The selection of souvenirs is rich, even though most of it would pass for kietch to be honest. Wooden toys, porcelaine figurines and models of famous Prague sights, postcards, and of course many items that have nothing to do with Prague at all, like rubber masks, costume jewellery, caps, flags... Also, many artists selling their works (some are quite nice, some are of very low quality) can be usually found on the Charles Bridge - mostly drawings or photos of Prague views, your own portrait, etc.

There really is not a renowned, distinct, or especially large souvenir shop we could recommend visiting - just take a look in the centre, you are bound to find lots of smaller shops that look really alike (and the selection does not differ too much either).

We went ahead and took a few pictures of the typical souvenir shops for you:

Souvenir shops in central Prague:
A souvenir shop in the Wenceslas Square, Prague
A souvenir shop in the Wenceslas Square
A souvenir shop in Celetna street, Prague
A souvenir shop in Celetna street
Another souvenir shop in Celetna street
Another souvenir shop in Celetna street
Traditional toyshop U Zlateho lva in Celetna street, Prague
Traditional toyshop U Zlateho lva in Celetna street

Bohemia Crystal

The Czech Republic is renowned for its high quality cut crystal and glass items and such items are relatively cheap to obtain here (compared to London, Paris or New York). If you wish the truly traditional Bohemia crystal glass, you should look for items with one of these stamps:

Example 2 of Bohemia Crystal GlassExample 3 of Bohemia Crystal Glass

This indicates that the glass contains at least 24% of PbO (Lead oxide) that makes the glass extra shiny.

Some of the largest crystal and glass stores in Prague:
Moser Glass - Na Prikope 12 (down the street from Wenceslas Square, metro station Mustek)
Celetna Crystal - Celetna 15 (a few steps from the Old Town Square)
Erpet Bohemia Crystal - Staromestske namesti 27 (right in the Old Town Square)
Preciosa Glass Porcelain - Jindrisska 19 (tram stop Jindrisska)

There are many other shops offering Bohemian crystal - especially in the centre near the lower end of Wenceslas square (near underground station Mustek) there are virtually on every step and some items are also available in almost any souvenir shop; but in the above listed stores the selection is really wide and it would be worthwile to just visit the shop and take a look - even if you do not intend to buy anything, the crystal is beautiful to behold.

Czech Garnet

The other typical (if rather expensive) Czech goods is the garnet jewellery - typical czech garnet stones (gathered neart the town of Turnov) are dark red and nowadays are produced by a single company - Granat Turnov - and if you buy genuine traditional Czech garnet, you should get a certificate of authenticity (if you do not, the jewel is either antique or, in worse case, a fake). The company owns two shops in Prague - in Dlouha and Panska streets - but a great (if not even greater) selection of garnet jewellery is also available in a shop in Celetna street. Antique garnet jewels are available in most antiquities shops in the centre.

Some Prague jewelleries:
typical Czech garnet jewellery Typical Czech garnet jewellery
Czech garnet jewellery in Celetna street Czech garnet jewellery in Celetna street
A jewellery in Parizska street A jewellery in Parizska street, Prague

Luxury shops in Prague

If you are the sort of customer demanding high quality and renowned brand (and willing to pay for it), you should start your shopping trip at the "lower end" of Wenceslas square (underground station "Mustek") - from there you should take the "Na Prikope" street - the 18th most expensive street in the world (measured by the price of property), with famous shopping arcades "Cerna ruze" (Black rose) and "Palac Myslbek" and many shops. The street will take you to "Namesti republiky" (Republic square), where you can turn left and proceed through "Celetna" street (with small souvenir shops, crystal glass stores and jewelleries) to the Old Town Square, which is filled with cafes and restaurants rather than shops, but the "Parizska" street goes from the square towards the river - and there are some of the most luxurious (and expensive) boutiques in Prague there.

A few choice shops in "Na Prikope" street:

Shops in "Na Prikope" (location map) street:
New Yorker clothes shop New Yorker Shop in Na Prikope street, Prague
Kenvelo clothes shop Kenvelo store in Na Prikope street, Prague
United Colors of Benetton clothes shop United Colors of Benetton, Na Prikope street, Prague
Leiser shoes shop Leiser shoes, Na Prikope street, Pragu
Jackpot & Cottonfield clothes shop Jackpot & Cottonfield shop, Na Prikope street, Prague
Mango ladies clothes shop Mango shop, Na Prikope, Prague
Lacoste clothes shop Lacoste shop, Na Prikope street, Prague
Halada jewellery Hallada jewellery,  Na Prikope street, Prague
Digel menswear Digel menswear, Na Prikope street, Prague

A few choice shops in "Parizska" street:

Shops in "Parizska" (location map) street:
Carollinum watches and jewellery Carollinum watches and jewellery, Parizska street, Prague
C. P. Company Italian clothing C. P. Company Italian clothing, Parizska street, Prague
Alberto Guardiani shoes Alberto Guardiani shoes, Parizska street, Prague
Michal Negrin jewellery Michal Negrin Jewellery, Parizska street, Prague
Hermes Paris boutique Hermes Paris boutique, Praizska street, Prague
Louis Vuitton luxury leather luggage Louis Vuitton shop, Parizska street, Prague
La Boutique Suisse jewellery La Boutique Suisse jewellery, Parizska street, Prague
Hugo Boss clothes shop Hugo Boss shop, Parizska street, Prague
Salvatore Ferragamo boutique Salvatore Ferragamo boutique, Parizska street, Prague
Chez Parisienne boutique Chez Parisienne boutique, Parizska street, Prague
Christian Dior boutique Christian Dior boutique, Parizska street, Prague
Swarovski crystal and jewellery Swarovski jewellery, Parizska street, Prague


Prague markets

Apart from the seasonal markets around Christmas or Easter holiday (traditionally located on Wenceslas and Old Town square and near Andel shopping centre), there are not many marketplaces. The largest ones are Holesovicka trznice - tram station Prazska Trznice and Havelske trziste - just between Wenceslas Square and the Old Town Square. You can find some really good deals there, but, well... You can never be sure that the T-Shirt wearing Adidas brand insignia is genuine or that the incredibly cheap set of knives made of Swedish steel will not break when slicing bread...

A market in the Old Town Square Market in the Old Town Square

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